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What We Do

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Get to know the individual. 

Everyone is unique.

Through observation and interview we identify each person's wants and needs and how the behavior is impacting the household  dynamic.



Identify WHY the behavior is occurring.

We see behavior as communication.

We assess what the individual is communicating and what factors are supporting the problematic behavior. 

We teach the individual and caregivers how to encourage appropriate communication to get needs and wants met. 




Teach you how to set the individual up for success and how to respond when behavior occurs. 

Increasing the independence of the individual is key to success. Through targeted skill acquisition and ongoing consultation we build the skills needed to thrive.  




We provide the community supports and materials that will help you to continue to succeed. 

We believe in providing continued support through consultation, plan adaptation and group caregiver training.



We provide behavioral consultation across Oregon, supporting individuals across age, diagnosis and placement by developing Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSP). 

The Strides Difference

Research Supported Interventions 

Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Supports strategies are used to develop interventions that are effective. These research based methods lead to rapid behavioral reduction and skills acquisition increasing the quality of life for the individuals we serve. 


We focus on creating plans that are tailored to compliment the environment and skill level of caregivers. 

Caregiver education on the basic principles of behavior is key to our strategy for long term success.  


Integrity, dignity and excellence are our core values as a company. Every individual in our company started their career with the same vision: to help others. That simple and powerful truth is what drives us to provide the most effective and dignified treatment. 


Every case is supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. These professionals have extensive training and knowledge in the development and implementation of Behavior Support Plans.


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